Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nearly There!


Last Wedneday I sat the viva voche exam for the PhD I have been working hard on for the last 4 years. It was tough going, the examiners asked some tough questions, but ultimately they were good questions and it was a privelidge to have them read my thesis, the points and issues they raised were spot on and can only help with the final shape of the thesis. I passed (subject to approval from Research Committe, which is normal). Yeay! I have ammendments to make to my thesis, but they are not too arduous and as mentioned they are based on the reccomendations of the examiners and will serve to make the final thesis stronger, which is a good thing!

The image above is a wide shot of the accompanying 1 day speed show I presented of some of my work at the Reg Vardy Gallery.

This was all made possible thants to the continued help and support of my suprevision team at CRUMB, thank you Beryl and Sarah (and Gilbert for your early input and enthusiasm).

Dead Umbrella 18

Dead Umbrella 17

Dead Umbrella 16