Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Help, bring beer!

Help there has been a terrible mistake. I am stuck at Euro Disney, I have been here for 2 days and 2 more to go. Please bring beer and a good book!


Scarabelle said...

Ha ha you must have been very naughty to end up there.

Dominic said...

3 days done, one to go. Its all the piped music and sugary drinks!

Dominic said...

Last day done, just a couple of hundred miles to drive and I'm home. However, I'm as tough and grumpy as they come yet the sight of a what was probably two short men in chip n dale suits holding my sons hand and I thought I was going to blub, I had to get all manly and check out the expresso stand.

Seriously though I dont think I can take the sight of any more screaming kids and pushy parents, it reminds me of a left 4 dead marathon I had a while back where later on I couldnt sleep as every time I closed my eyes I could see zombies running at me. Only this time its unhealthy French kids leaving a trail of jambon, icecream and passive smoke in their wake.