Monday, January 25, 2010



Well I got over the Lurgi. I am such a grumpy git when I'm ill. I wish I was dignified and graceful but alas I just hate everything and everybody until I reach optimum health, even then I'm not sure I could be called happy.

But today I have a few things to confess. Its probably best to do this in list form:

1 - I started weight lifting about 3 months ago. I figured my son needs a lot of lifting and handling plus he is only going to get heavier. So I decided to get ahead of the game strength wise and hit the weights. If truth be told I am loving it. I surprised myself.

2 - I set up a deviant art account here. I was interested in seeing how the community organises itself and it turns out some of my favorite illustrators use it so its handy to keep up whith what they are producing.

3 - I have actually started to enjoy writing my thesis. I hit a serious writers block, the presure had built up too high in my head and caused a big blockage. My supervisors were very good and encouraged me to write 200 words a day. I have been managing this and sure enough it is gradually starting to flow.


Rashmi said...

hey... sorry about your cat... that's a tough thing to do. i'd be in pieces if i had to take a decision like that. and way to go on the early to bed, early to rise thing. wish i could do the same :-)

Dominic said...

Ello Rashmi

Yea tough one. I was all set not to have any more pets but now I'm not so sure.

First snowdrops are sprouting here and the birds are starting to sing. Hows the dark days at your side of the planet?