Thursday, November 12, 2009


Rip Van Winkle poking a 'twitter' with his stick

October was crazy.

There were too many all-nighters. Too much email, too many deadlines. It was all just too much.

The dude is off school today, he did a pretty convincing job of being ill this morning. Im not convinced anymore but it has given me a chance to quickly write something here.

Interesting things I did in October:

- Datarama 06

- Talk for New Directions - Other speakers included people from Channel 4 getting all over excited about social media, not sure what their names were but I'm pretty sure they ended with 'Van Winkle'.

- UK Gameboy Youth Orchestra - a workshop I ran, it was organised By Novak and Central Library. Teaching 8 x 14-18 yr olds how to write music on original nintendo gameboys, they then did a public performance of Terry Rileys 'In C' mp3 HERE.

- Animation Project - finally broke the back of an old project. Its all done and dusted, more on it when its all official (it's been submitted to some swanky awards).

Lots of other stuff to show, hopefully I'll get the chance. I also need to upload a dead umbrella and a WWC.

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