Thursday, September 17, 2009

Question to readers


This is going to be one of those awkward moments, similar to when an actor shatters your suspension of disbelief by suddenly looking at the camera lens and addresses you, the viewer.

A bit of a bar at the Folies-Bergere moment.

I am popping into town for some meetings tomorrow. I was going to treat myself to some new materials for my new drawing obsession. But I figured I would throw open a question on my little blog before I do. I was looking for something to shake up my drawing methods and put a bit of life back into what I am doing. Currently I am doing lots of pen and ink stuff, adding and subtracting with black and white inks until I am happy. So the question is what should I buy (bearing in mind I am skint) to shake it up a bit?

See, it wasn't that awkward.


Rashmi said...

hm... not quite sure where your bent of mind is leading you. but, if you're still only sticking to black and white... you might want to try brush and ink: to be specific, a chinese calligraphy brush and china ink. i think they're called chinese calligraphy brushes, they're the ones used to write/paint chinese characters. and the ink is also special, called, well, china ink. here's a quick example: i've tried it before and it's very interesting. you could do lots of stuff with it.

or, you could simply add a dash of another color to what you're doing. like red?

not quite sure if that's what you were looking for. but that's my two-pence worth.

hope you're doing well...r

Pete Hindle said...

You could buy more ink - the acrylic based inks are very nice, very colourful - or try some masking fluid, or even pick up a rotring pen.

Dominic said...

Its quite funny.

I have been looking at sumi-e and zen drawing a lot recently. I had been considering getting some Ink blocks. There are about 5 different 'colours' of ink block, all different shades of black.


I'm sticking with black and white until I get through my current sketchbook. The thing is I haven't drawn for a long time and I feel like I am learning all over again. I was what I suppose you would called classical trained but that was nearly 17 years ago. I am currently back at an early skill level which I suppose is what is making it fun. But hopefully I will recover some of my muscle memory by the end of the sketchbook.

Cheers Rashmi.

Dominic said...

Aah Masking fluid. I used to love that stuff, its like a secret weapon!

Actually I cant be that hard to make it, its just latex innit. Hmmm.

Rashmi said...

so... what'd you buy then?

Dominic said...

Um I didn't end up going into town, it was canceled. But I'm going in on Monday.

Still temepted by the ink.

Eddy said...

Not sure if this is still relevent as you have probably developed things since writing it but i would suggest use your non dominant hand to do the drawings or hold the pen in an eastern style rather than the conventional way (hold verticallyusing your little finger to move the pen) it wont change your medium but will change the quality of mark

Dominic said...

Hey Eddie,

Thanks for the comment. If truth be told I have been so busy of late that I haven't done much drawing.

I did discover a pen that you can rub out though. That is always good when my doodles become over elaborate.

We should meet up and drink coffee soon.