Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New regular stream and podcast

We (ptechnic.org) finally got round to doing a live stream. It was a simple one just to get the ball rolling. The archive of it can be found here. You can also subscribe to it as a podcast if you miss the live events. Hopefully it should be quite regular with different poly members taking charge of lots of different shows.

Oh yea, also on a totally different note I did go to the art shop yesterday. I bought some Ink sticks and grinding stones. I didn't buy any Chinese type brushes because they only had small ones and I want a one of those big muthers.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Question to readers


This is going to be one of those awkward moments, similar to when an actor shatters your suspension of disbelief by suddenly looking at the camera lens and addresses you, the viewer.

A bit of a bar at the Folies-Bergere moment.

I am popping into town for some meetings tomorrow. I was going to treat myself to some new materials for my new drawing obsession. But I figured I would throw open a question on my little blog before I do. I was looking for something to shake up my drawing methods and put a bit of life back into what I am doing. Currently I am doing lots of pen and ink stuff, adding and subtracting with black and white inks until I am happy. So the question is what should I buy (bearing in mind I am skint) to shake it up a bit?

See, it wasn't that awkward.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Since my last post I have been to Belfast, London (ish) and Paris. Get me.

Belfast was to talk at Isea which I think I mentioned. That seemed to go well, the biscuits were nice (the crumb team had posh Jaffa cakes). Then I flew to Heathrow, met my family and drove to France. We went to Disneyland which is a post in itself, although strangely when ever I try and remember it I just keep hearing this tune (its a small world after all) after a marathon brainwashing session akin to any of the more psychedelic scenes in the prisoner.

One thing I can share from being in France is a few sketches I did from the back door when the kids were in bed. There was a wee bit of woodland behind the place we were staying and I figures it would be a good exercise to try and make something of it.

The larger image was the first I did. But to be honest, while it has areas I like it is a bit over worked and stale. So i kind of tried to loosen myself up with a few quick drawings

Personally, the last one that took 90 seconds is my favorite.

There you go anyway, no doubt they will end up being incorporated into something else. Maybe drawing is a good therapy for a recovering new media artist.