Monday, August 24, 2009

Oven Gloves, I heart my new pens, chemical alarm.

How many blog posts start with things like 'life has been hectic but/so'. I am struggling not to begin another post in the same way. Tomorrow I'm off to ISEA which is conveniently located at Belfast this year. I will be running a session based around my current research. My brain has been in a foul mood with me recently and the only way I have been able to get any space / peace is to draw as it certainly doesn't want me to sleep. What started as a couple of doodles on the back of a cd cover with a biro and some tippex has rapidly (5 drawings later) turned into what are becoming more and more elaborate drawings (which I dont really have the time to do, but at 1 a.m. when my current insomnia is just kicking in I'm in no fit state to read about information theory).

I recently bought a set of pen nibs and some inks from dinkybox. They were a bargain and the people behind the site seem nice too. I never plug stuff you can buy on my blog (apart from Joy Division oven gloves), but this is a one off. pay them a visit.

Dance Dance Dance Dance (in me Joy Division Oven Gloves)

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jen said...

loved the dinkybox site, lots of very cute and lovely things..obviously i went straight to the toy section! thanks for sharing