Thursday, July 02, 2009

Balancing act

In an attempt to balance my chi here is a list of things I like:

1- Sowing seeds
2- Loud Bass heavy Dub
3- Wearing big stripey socks with my shorts, it makes me look like the village idiot
4- Days not looking at a screen
5- Colombian coffee beans (it has that certain bite and grinding the beans makes me feel like Kinky Friedman)
6- Beer
7- Salt
8- Drawing with office stationary
9- Asking for 'unlucky' dip lottery tickets at the newsagent, that way I avoid disappointment
10- Pretending to be a creepy old lady from a kefalonian car hire shop and asking my wife if she wanna 'sma ca?'...long story that one but its still good for fun.

Oh and a last minute addition:

11- The fact that they have found the genetic variations that make some of us more at risk of becoming bi-polar. I'm sure this is based upon very sound science much like all of modern psychiatry........... I also love the way it is being covered with rigorous accuracy by the media

OK so I may have been lying about 11 being something I like.

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