Tuesday, April 21, 2009

de-clutter, dub-reggae and de-socialising

My de-clutter effort is much harder than I originally thought it would be. No surprises there. Although something I have noticed is a possible mistake in my de-clutter method. I had figured that by getting rid of a lot of my 'stuff' I could free up space in my head. But it seems I have to make a bit of space in my head before I can start to figure out how to get rid of my stuff. So yesterday I took drastic action. I deleted my facebook account!!!! Although I shamelessly twittered that I had done it.

Other things coming up. I am deejaying at a club in Maastricht for Queensday. That should be a bit of fun and an excuse to travel.

Anyhow let me think what else is going on. Oh we have a rough date for my sons tribunal. week beginning 18 may. Also ptechnic has a datarama coming up on 22nd may with some surprises for people.

I took my kids to se the tiger who came to tea last week, it was adapted for stage and we loved it.

Hey ho there is probably stacks more but at least I stuck my foot in the blog door again.

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Rashmi said...

welcome back to blog world :-) good to see something on here. the slideshow looked great.
decluttering without and within does take a lot. a bit of a chicken and egg situation sometimes i think. the important thing is to make a start. which you're doing. how goes dj-ing? wld love to hear more about nz too. take care...r