Monday, February 02, 2009

different energy

When I was in NYC there was a mad energy to grasp every moment and make it count for something. There were so many people surviving on such a small patch of land I doubt it could be any other way.

Here in New Plymouth which can best be described to Brits as a sunny Aberdeen The energy is different. Its more laid back and as a result I have not been furiously blogging my every waking moment.

I have been taking picks which you can see here

The project I am working on with the poly is The Random information Exchange. The site is up but will not be steady until Friday. So far in real terms this has people learning how to breakdance (an amazing story I will share later) running an engine on tap water, learning to lay the piano and tight rope walkers. Sounds fun doesn't it. BUT I now have to find and transport an engine and a piano to th gallery ready for it opening on Friday. Oh I also have to ask the beastie boys if I can use one of their tracks in the gallery and make yorkshire puddings at 10am today. Actually the list of crazy activities stretches on and on.