Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Newcastle to New Zealand New Plymouth

Hong Kong Airport

The picture above is my only experience of Hong Kong. 4 Hours in the airport waiting for a connecting flight, trying not to fall asleep incase my bags got stolen but waking up every five minutes and realizing I had been dreaming about staying awake in case my bags got stolen.

I am currently in New Plymouth - New Zealand. Im working as a member of the Polytechnic on the 3rd iteration of the R.I.E. It is for a event called SCANZ. The flight was a killer. I left the house at 10 am uk time only to arrive here Sunday 16:30 NZ time (13 hrs ahead here).

The weather is amazing and the sunlight is so good that words fail me (see image below).

Yesterday we started the residency by taking part in a powhiri, its was amazing it added gravity and form to the work we will all be doing here over the coming weeks.

You can see me sitting on the fence (as usual) here.


Rashmi said...

hong kong looks just like when i saw it nine years ago :-)

sounds like an interesting event. hope you have tons of fun!

Mariboo said...

I envy you, you crazy bastard. And miss you too. Have a splendiferous time, can't wait to hear about your adventures.