Thursday, December 04, 2008

Today I will be mostly hiding in my studio

I call it a studio. It is a small room with floor to ceiling LP's and an assortment of books, audio gear and a computer.

A while back there was a small leak of water into our living room ceiling that made a wee flap of paper loosen. Being the massive idiot I am I pulled it and all of the paper on the ceiling fell off in 5 seconds flat. I laughed, Mrs Electro Dad (or whatever I happen to be calling this blog at your time of perusal) did not laugh. So I have a man in. He is re-papering the ceiling while I hide in my 'studio'.

On a much more Rock n' Roll tip my band where reviewed here:

Just for the record (my record is getting quite long) My Brian Wilson years did not involve a desert island, cocaine or massive amounts of booze. They were much more abstract than that ending with me slowly starting to write music again and taking refuge. Anyhow there is a free track with this review, have a listen and tell me what you think.

Rodger and out.

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