Friday, December 05, 2008

Preparing for datarama

A democratic data event hosted by Polytechnic.

Saturday 6th December 2008. 8pm

The Pixel Palace at Tyneside Cinema.

Bring your laptop, gameboy, pda, mini disc, memory stick, etc.,
plug into a PA & projector, have a drink, and show off what you are working on.

Music, sound, still images, moving images, animation, nice design are all welcome.

Past contributions to Datarama have included Mobile phone documentaries, home made audio hardware, flash animation, complex super collider patches, slideshows, hand painted torches, gameboy rock, flickr crowdsourcing and HTML cross stitching.

We welcome data exchange so if you have cool home made stuff you want to share bring it along and spread the joy.

ImageMagick Banner recipe (please hack me) :

convert -size 480x85 xc:transparent -font DemonCubicBlockFontShade -pointsize 72 -draw "text 25,55 'datarama 0.3'" -channel RGBA -gaussian 0x6 -fill darkred -stroke magenta -draw "text 25,60 'datarama 0.3'" datarama.png

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