Thursday, November 13, 2008

Notes form under a bubblewrap sky

I was in the poly most of yesterday. I some how got the idea to do the flyer for our next datarama event purely as an ImageMagick shell script. Oh what fun it will be and how exciting i can then send it some very simple commands according to what size and quality I want it, hmm maybe I could put it server side and make it possible for anyone to manipulate. 4 hours later I have 3 lines of text on a black background.


However I did have a breakthrough in my understanding of it just before I packed up to come home. Also I am going to persist as I do like the idea of the flyer being a piece of Open Source code that can be modified by its user.

Other than that today seems like a relatively unremarkable day so far, had a nice walk to school with Roo who was in a sunny mood and now I am drinking nice coffee and thinking about meditating on cosmic consciousness.

Fishery Commission rehearsal / figuring phase 2 out..

Also here is an exclusive peep at some images from our first datarama..

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