Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Is it just me or is the popular media on more of a witch hunt than usual? All these sad stories about parents with mental health problems, TV and Radio presenters who step over the line and then being shown zero compassion or forgiveness. Just when it was all getting too much I found this

It made me laugh a little bit and then I could get on with todays work.

Also I had to play with google auto complete to see what I will do today, can you believe how popular some of these searches are?


cherryblossom said...

The media has definitely gone crazy, since when has the public been allowed to be judge and jury after the fact..I don't have a T.V so I am not exposed to that much , but it hasn't escaped me that the media is becoming power crazy, dictating the love lives of celebrities ( with no concern for their children)and holding court on the issues of child abuse, the so called credit crunch and strictly come dancing all within the same rag and with the same tone..... ok rant over , you are spot on!

dominic said...

You don't have a T.V.?

How do you eat? don't your eyes go all around the room?