Monday, November 10, 2008

I made a bed and need cheep transcription

I am currently transcribing all the interviews I did In New York. It is a slow slow process. I figured I would be lazy and look into paying a one of those virtual secretaries to transcribe em all for me. Wrong.. Its soo expensive (£54 for a 45 minute interview).

So today I gave my eyes a rest and my ears (from the constant looping of my own voice) and I made a new bed. Sometimes it is nice to cut wood and hammer nails, I would go as far as say it is good for your soul.

I am thinking of starting the ERL again (see 2006 entries)

I am thinking of eating some chocolate (see inside your own head for the taste of chocolate)

I am thinking of switching off this compu...


Pete Hindle said...

Use Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Rob said...

will both do it for a £1 a minute of less, depending on how quickly you need it.

Dominic said...

oh cheers! I did check mechanical turk but it is only for residents of the USA (if you want to commission the work)

Dominic said...

Oh also £1 per minute would mean that 1 45 minute interview will still cost me £45. Its not that i dont value the transcribers time. Its just that I am skint. I guess I will spend £5 on some good coffee, stop moaning and just get on with it.