Friday, November 21, 2008

Click N Flip - first experiments with Quartz

As some of you know my son has Cerebral Palsy.

He loves books, comics and magazines. However he cannot turn the pages. There are page turners on the market to help people do this but they are enormous contraptions and they cost thousands of pounds.

So, I was thinking about this at the same time as I figured I would play about with Quartz Composer on my MacBook. And I wrote a small slide show patch that moves on to the next slide when the built in microphone detects a volume spike.

Now all I have to do is scan pages from his books and arrange them in a folder, Quartz will display them and move through them when the wee lad makes a noise or taps the table.

You can download the patch: Click-N-Flip

Image of the patch:

So the bad news is you need a mac to use it. But it should be a cinch to build in Pure Data then it is full open source and multi platform. Yes it is such a simple patch and idea that no doubt it already exists in a million forms. But what seems to be the nice thing is it took me 20 - 30 minutes to build and now I can add features as their need becomes apparent.

Here it is in action:

Here is a list of tutorials I looked at to get an understanding of Quartz:

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Pete Hindle said...

This is great stuff Dominic; and it's also a great place to start researching Quartz Composer.