Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yesterday I met Steve Lambert and had a good chat, at the end of the chat he kinda dared me to try and contact Jeff Koons as an example of an artist who has dealt with the sharp end of copyright law and as someone who develops an idea and has a team of people who work on its development.

Anyhow I may phone his studio today, I found the number..

This afternoon I am meeting up with Magda Sawon of the postmasters Gallery then I am meeting up with Jona Brucker-Cohen and going to an opening in Soho.

My room was so cold this morning.

Also I have been thinking, my favorite time of day NY is the morning. I like finding somewhere to get black coffee and a danish, I eat it slowly and watch NY wake up.

Today I ate breakfast at Dunkin doughnuts

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