Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well last night seemed to go OK at performing machines
All the other speakers were Eyebeam residents so they got a tough time during the crits. They went easy on me I think as I'm just up for a few days and only brought stuff along that I could safely bring through customs, you know nothing with wires hanging out and looking like a potential bomb. Anyhow I got few laughs out of people talking about my dads computer shop and then TV rental company as being my early introduction to computers and electronics, so that was nice (at my poor old Dads expense... sorry Dad I only mentioned your computer games programming sweat shop and TV repair techniques)

Then I got taxi back to my room, which was another experience as I ended up giving the taxi driver directions after he started driving through some scary looking neighbourhoods.

This morning I woke early and headed on off to get some breakfast (black coffee). I got to eyebeam way too early so went for a walk to about to soak in a bit of atmosphere (its a windy day here). Today I am meeting with Steve Lambert

Oh but the bad news is my email is down! So I cant chase interviews etc bleedin Virgin media, you are causing me stress again..

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