Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday and heading off

This weekend the subway has been hectic. They have closed the stops near me and replaced it with a shuttle bus. So I guess I have experienced a rush hour bus In NY, which was particularly great fun during the thunderstorm on Saturday night.

The Panel Discussion for the closing of the Untethered Exhibition was fun, the highlight for me was the talk by Michael J. Sheafe from toaster central.

Today I went for a walk in Central Park I started at the north and zig-zagged my way to the south taking in the sights. It was a glorious day and I feel privileged to have snuck an extra day of summer out of the year.

After central park I tackled the crazy subway chaos and got off at York Street in DUMBO and walked back into Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge and had a wander around Chinatown before heading on back.

Ok so today I checked out of my room, phew. I am in Eyebeam for an hour or so them I am heading on over to JFK and I'm going to fly home.

What a week.

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