Saturday, October 25, 2008

Notes from a rainy Saturday

Transcribed from my notebook:

Here is the drill

Normally most mornings I have woken early, washed, dressed and written my first thoughts ready to present them to the troops once I am plugged into the grid. Today is different. I am currently sitting in a cafe called digbys writing this longhand in my notebook whilst holding a monster burrito in my left hand . It is quite a struggle.

Yesterday I interviewed Zach. I was postponed by Ayah then went to see a piece open at Madison Square Park. It was by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer called Less than Three (I will post video when I get the chance). Following that I took the L train to Sarah and Andys studio pad for dinner. Andy makes very good soup. They walked me back to the train pointing out all the grafitti which was surprisingly interesting and inventive (rather than the standard meat head stuff we get in the north east (bar one or 2 writers)). On the way back I noticed a small, transparent and securely fastened bag of urine on the curb.

Today I went to the NY MoMA. I love Nan Goldings work so it was a joy to catch her piece the ballad of sexual dependency there. Also there is a fair sized show of Beuys work on there. I picked up a print from felix gonzalez-torres death by gun. But I fear by the time I get it home it will be called destroyed in transit.

Anyhow burrito over.

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