Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No one expects....

A better than average day.

Meeting this morning wasn't so bad, in fact it was so OK I'm more worried than I would have been if it hadn't gone OK, if that makes any sort of sense.

Then had a good supervisors meeting at Uni were Beryl played me a very cool Brass ensemble cover of a Barry White tune. I must remember to hunt out my Katzenjammers steel band cover of Gary Numans cars for the next one

On way home I yoinked 2 mini kaoss pads, The nice chap in the shop asked 'Why 2' I said 'for my Gameboys silly'.

And then surprise surprise Steve and Steve were jamming outdoors at the Monument!

Now all I need is Curry for my dinner and it has been an almost too good to be true day.

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... said...

Pah, it was curry and chips, the day is ruined.