Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Crazy times coming up

Ok, so much going on I thought I better mention it all in my much neglected blog.

One of the big truths as to why I have not been blogging so much is that I have not been in the best health over the last year and a bit. I don't really want to go into too much detail as I think if I know you well then you will know why and if you are a casual reader (all 2 of you) then I would hope you understand that I prefer to keep the more personal aspects of my life off the net.

So what have I been up to..

Well Im concentrating on my studies a lot (well maybe make that, worrying about)

Im currently looking into bulletin boards (pre internet net) With an arts based one called 'The Thing'

Learning Perl (making myself, kicking and screaming do 1 hour a day)

Building Dub sirens for fun.

Meditating, eating well, still trying (and failing) to be an early riser.

I have taken on a small animation project, you can watch the steady development of it via the rushes which I will be posting here

An update to the Ebay selling: I have sold more stuff. It was exciting at first and everything in my house had Ebay sales potential. But after a while I couldn't be bothered with the hassle, although I do have a midi cartridge for a zx spectrum that I might flog soon.

What are my plans for the near future?

Well I am due to fly out to New York On 19th Oct for a week of research and I think I may possibly be performing as well, which is both exciting and nerve racking.

I have to do a mad dash to the passport office on Friday as I just realised my passport ran out..

I am also regaining interest in working further on that I-ching Project I started a while back. I may do my fortune via the i-ching to see if it is worthwhile. However I may just discover that it has an uncanny aptitude for self preservation..

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