Friday, October 31, 2008



Well I suppose it is time to get on with the day to day stuff again. In a recent chat with someone I was very embarrassed to have to admit that I had not seen Alphaville . So I have decided to make sure that you my silent readers (all two of you again) don't ever find yourselves in the same position.

click on the full screen button in the bottom right of the video window and enjoy

Here is a link to the google page were you can download it if you prefer:

It would be fun to hear what you think of this film..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge

This is the last of the footage I think. I will have one last look to see if I missed anything. Ill put photos up on flickr when I get a chance but that is pretty much it. Good bye New York.

Less Than Three

I finally got 5 mins to put my less than three footage together.

See my earlier post for more info.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday and heading off

This weekend the subway has been hectic. They have closed the stops near me and replaced it with a shuttle bus. So I guess I have experienced a rush hour bus In NY, which was particularly great fun during the thunderstorm on Saturday night.

The Panel Discussion for the closing of the Untethered Exhibition was fun, the highlight for me was the talk by Michael J. Sheafe from toaster central.

Today I went for a walk in Central Park I started at the north and zig-zagged my way to the south taking in the sights. It was a glorious day and I feel privileged to have snuck an extra day of summer out of the year.

After central park I tackled the crazy subway chaos and got off at York Street in DUMBO and walked back into Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge and had a wander around Chinatown before heading on back.

Ok so today I checked out of my room, phew. I am in Eyebeam for an hour or so them I am heading on over to JFK and I'm going to fly home.

What a week.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Notes from a rainy Saturday

Transcribed from my notebook:

Here is the drill

Normally most mornings I have woken early, washed, dressed and written my first thoughts ready to present them to the troops once I am plugged into the grid. Today is different. I am currently sitting in a cafe called digbys writing this longhand in my notebook whilst holding a monster burrito in my left hand . It is quite a struggle.

Yesterday I interviewed Zach. I was postponed by Ayah then went to see a piece open at Madison Square Park. It was by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer called Less than Three (I will post video when I get the chance). Following that I took the L train to Sarah and Andys studio pad for dinner. Andy makes very good soup. They walked me back to the train pointing out all the grafitti which was surprisingly interesting and inventive (rather than the standard meat head stuff we get in the north east (bar one or 2 writers)). On the way back I noticed a small, transparent and securely fastened bag of urine on the curb.

Today I went to the NY MoMA. I love Nan Goldings work so it was a joy to catch her piece the ballad of sexual dependency there. Also there is a fair sized show of Beuys work on there. I picked up a print from felix gonzalez-torres death by gun. But I fear by the time I get it home it will be called destroyed in transit.

Anyhow burrito over.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I heart the subway

Time adjustment and the return of my soul

I think it was (this is not my academic blog so I can say things like um I think & maybe etc) William Latham that wrote something about jet lag being the length of time it takes your soul to catch up with you. Well I think my soul has followed the silver slug like thread I wove as I jetted across the atlantic and finally arrived back were it belongs. The reason I know this is I slept until 8am today.

So updates:

Yesterday did 3 interviews first I met Magdalena Sawon and Tamas Banovich at Postmasters the chat I had with them was top, they added a completely different slant to my research, I am really glad I could meet them. secondly I had a quick chat with Michael Mandiberg which was also fantastic as he trew a few tangents into my research. Finally I met Jonah did a quick interview, realised he would be cool to get some collaborations going with (putting my hat on) and then went to a Glowlab opening. I liked the work.

Today I am going to try and catch Ayah and Zach for interviews and then have dinner with Sarah and Andy and catch a few openings

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yesterday I met Steve Lambert and had a good chat, at the end of the chat he kinda dared me to try and contact Jeff Koons as an example of an artist who has dealt with the sharp end of copyright law and as someone who develops an idea and has a team of people who work on its development.

Anyhow I may phone his studio today, I found the number..

This afternoon I am meeting up with Magda Sawon of the postmasters Gallery then I am meeting up with Jona Brucker-Cohen and going to an opening in Soho.

My room was so cold this morning.

Also I have been thinking, my favorite time of day NY is the morning. I like finding somewhere to get black coffee and a danish, I eat it slowly and watch NY wake up.

Today I ate breakfast at Dunkin doughnuts

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well last night seemed to go OK at performing machines
All the other speakers were Eyebeam residents so they got a tough time during the crits. They went easy on me I think as I'm just up for a few days and only brought stuff along that I could safely bring through customs, you know nothing with wires hanging out and looking like a potential bomb. Anyhow I got few laughs out of people talking about my dads computer shop and then TV rental company as being my early introduction to computers and electronics, so that was nice (at my poor old Dads expense... sorry Dad I only mentioned your computer games programming sweat shop and TV repair techniques)

Then I got taxi back to my room, which was another experience as I ended up giving the taxi driver directions after he started driving through some scary looking neighbourhoods.

This morning I woke early and headed on off to get some breakfast (black coffee). I got to eyebeam way too early so went for a walk to about to soak in a bit of atmosphere (its a windy day here). Today I am meeting with Steve Lambert

Oh but the bad news is my email is down! So I cant chase interviews etc bleedin Virgin media, you are causing me stress again..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Communal Showers and Times Square

I braved the communal showers at the YMCA today it was possibly the quickest shower of my life. Then I went to get some breakfast on 7th Avenue, bought some souvenirs and grabbed some quick vids on my phone on times square

I am currently sitting at Eyebeam thinking about food and going to see GH

The rest of yesterday

I went for pancakes! It was nice, the table opposite had 4 cops laughing and joking whilst eating eggs. I got a small stack of buttermilk pancakes and black coffee, they were delicious.

Then I got the subway to eyebeam.

everyone seems nice so far. I worked on interviews until my laptop battery went flat. Went for lunch with Hans-Christoph recorded a chat with him in a standup and eat place. In the afternoon I worked on some gameboy stuff then came back to the ymca.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Notes from 7:40 am

Im In New York.

Flights were long but thankfully uneventful. I caught a shuttle bus from the airport to were I am staying which was possibly one of the mere dangerous parts of the journey as the driver was bombing through the traffic carving everybody up whilst texting on one phone and talking on another, granted the talking part was via hands free, thank God.

I got to my room in Harlem YMCA by about 3 am UK time. The room is bloody freezing and it looks a bit bleak. I'll ask for some more blankets and try and re assess the situation in daylight.

On thing that has lodged in my memory banks is driving over the bridge into Manhattan and looking at the city lights to my left, suddenly without prompting the music from taxi began playing out in my head.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 14th came and went

Oh what a shame, we didn't get a visit from the galactic federation of light after all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No one expects....

A better than average day.

Meeting this morning wasn't so bad, in fact it was so OK I'm more worried than I would have been if it hadn't gone OK, if that makes any sort of sense.

Then had a good supervisors meeting at Uni were Beryl played me a very cool Brass ensemble cover of a Barry White tune. I must remember to hunt out my Katzenjammers steel band cover of Gary Numans cars for the next one

On way home I yoinked 2 mini kaoss pads, The nice chap in the shop asked 'Why 2' I said 'for my Gameboys silly'.

And then surprise surprise Steve and Steve were jamming outdoors at the Monument!

Now all I need is Curry for my dinner and it has been an almost too good to be true day.

Tomorrow morning

Im off to a meeting with our sons social worker and members of the team she works with about our sons care package.

Having a disabled son is never seen as a hardship as we love him, I no longer wonder why and how I just accept it and it has helped me become a more understanding and compassionate human being (to a certain extent). However the people you have to deal with to get any sort of support....

The Trial

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Circuit bending and beyond

I have recently been bitten by the circuit bending bug again. It started with wanting to make a dub siren and getting in touch with Alex at getlofi for some boards. The next thing I know I'm getting into trouble for improving my kids toys. But the way I see it its a win win situation ;)

I did do a number of midi hacks years ago, when arduinio was just a dream.

One person who I know from around this time that has kept going and is now producing some amazing work is Gieskes. He is creating a crazy array of visualisation techniques that use physical objects manipulated by motors, alternating light frequencies and em i suppose for want of a better description - magnetic puppetry. An object of great desire he has created can be found here. He also makes damn good noodles and is always a welcome visitor to Ticket acres.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I am sitting in a coffee shop in Durham. About to go to the passport office. Geting nervous about the Calibre of artist I am going to be dealing with in NY. Doug Repetto is MC'ing the event on 21st And some of the performances proposed sound amazing, What am I going to show up with? One slowed down gameboy, one normal one and a few Dub sirens what I made myself. Hmm maybe I will go and pray in the Cathedral for help from above

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Um suddenly im a blogger again

Just wondering what is going on. In the last few days I have had a number of e-mails from various people on various subjects. In each one the format of the mail is a numbered list.

1. Have you remembered to do the dishes
2. Can you contact so and so.

Some are off people I like and respect, so I cant help but wonder if there is some new numbering meme that is laying waste to the art of polite e-mails or and heaven forbid, people are treating me like a simpleton..

Gameboy Underclock

I followed the tutorial on Gieskes's Excellent Web-site for under-clocking a Gameboy, I captured a wee bit of the process on my phone camera and figured I would upload it for posterity. Yes the camera quality is shocking..

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Crazy times coming up

Ok, so much going on I thought I better mention it all in my much neglected blog.

One of the big truths as to why I have not been blogging so much is that I have not been in the best health over the last year and a bit. I don't really want to go into too much detail as I think if I know you well then you will know why and if you are a casual reader (all 2 of you) then I would hope you understand that I prefer to keep the more personal aspects of my life off the net.

So what have I been up to..

Well Im concentrating on my studies a lot (well maybe make that, worrying about)

Im currently looking into bulletin boards (pre internet net) With an arts based one called 'The Thing'

Learning Perl (making myself, kicking and screaming do 1 hour a day)

Building Dub sirens for fun.

Meditating, eating well, still trying (and failing) to be an early riser.

I have taken on a small animation project, you can watch the steady development of it via the rushes which I will be posting here

An update to the Ebay selling: I have sold more stuff. It was exciting at first and everything in my house had Ebay sales potential. But after a while I couldn't be bothered with the hassle, although I do have a midi cartridge for a zx spectrum that I might flog soon.

What are my plans for the near future?

Well I am due to fly out to New York On 19th Oct for a week of research and I think I may possibly be performing as well, which is both exciting and nerve racking.

I have to do a mad dash to the passport office on Friday as I just realised my passport ran out..

I am also regaining interest in working further on that I-ching Project I started a while back. I may do my fortune via the i-ching to see if it is worthwhile. However I may just discover that it has an uncanny aptitude for self preservation..