Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ok a gentle start back into blogging

So much has happened since I stopped blogging but rather than list it all here I am going to start with current events and as things come to me I will post them. However it is worth mentioning the turn of events since my sons tribunal. After we didn't win the tribunal (still cant use the L word) there was an interesting and amazing turn of events. JZ (my wife) sat down and wrote to a number of charities and we also received a sum from a body who remains anon. And we got the wee lad into Percy Headley for 3 yrs. Since he has been there the difference has been astounding and has given us so much hope for the future. So a big special and thank you to all who have supported us, sincerely and you know who you are.

Also on a totally Different note I have put my first ever item up for sale on ebay! its quite exciting its an old punk single, I'm not bothered how much it goes for its just a test sale :)

Link to item

So here is to catching up and future blogging!

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Marieke said...

hi spoony! how is it going? hope your kids and wife are doing well too!
I remember isaac as a baby :)

Anyway im making a new website and wanted to link to your site but it didnt work no more so let me know if you have a new one, that ill link to it
mail marieke (AT) marieke (DOT) nu