Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I sold that Anti No-where League single! For 99p yeay. No doubt it was worth more but it was a good exercise in seeing what ebay is like from the sellers perspective.I realised its quite exciting. You get to see how many people are watching the item you sell. That's news to me. The only thing is now I keep looking round my house and everything suddenly has the potential to be sold on ebay!!

I have put up some more 45's (they are easy to package and post) if that goes well I will be selling the shirt off my back :)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ok a gentle start back into blogging

So much has happened since I stopped blogging but rather than list it all here I am going to start with current events and as things come to me I will post them. However it is worth mentioning the turn of events since my sons tribunal. After we didn't win the tribunal (still cant use the L word) there was an interesting and amazing turn of events. JZ (my wife) sat down and wrote to a number of charities and we also received a sum from a body who remains anon. And we got the wee lad into Percy Headley for 3 yrs. Since he has been there the difference has been astounding and has given us so much hope for the future. So a big special and thank you to all who have supported us, sincerely and you know who you are.

Also on a totally Different note I have put my first ever item up for sale on ebay! its quite exciting its an old punk single, I'm not bothered how much it goes for its just a test sale :)

Link to item

So here is to catching up and future blogging!