Tuesday, February 13, 2007

residency update

Just a quick one as its getting on for 7 and I'm hungry.

The residency at Isis is going really well

I'm not going to give too much away at the moment as it is at a really early development stage. What seemed like a quite a small project has grown out of all proportion. The idea of producing a 'distributed narrative' seemed exciting. It is exciting. But it is massive. To be truly distributed it needs to be developed, exploded and then all of the little remaining shards need to be placed very carefully all over the net.

On top of that, I'm not a writer. So I have been developing a technique (which will remain mostly under wraps for now also). I have also been talking to a real writer and picking his brains (I hope he doesn't mind too much) http://www.chazbrenchley.co.uk/

Here are 2 screen shots of work in progress:

The first is a shot of an I-ching hexagram generator I build in PureData using Gem

The second is a shot of Alexandre Quessy's Audio_PureData package working on my system. This is a way of using net send in pure data to send and receive TCP messages from a server using PHP.

See http://pear.php.net/pepr/pepr-proposal-show.php?id=422

I just got it working and built a rudimentary page that displays the messages (just numbers at present) But I was so happy that I jumped to my feet and forced poor Rusty (works at Isis) to come and have a look at some numbers on a screen, he went 'ooh' at the appropriate times.

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