Thursday, November 23, 2006

The man who did too much

I have made a bit of a big decision today. Well its been rumbling on for a while.

I am going to drop out of my MSc course. It has just been way too much extra stress. And to be honest it is not what I expected. I imagined working amongst some very clever people who would be excellent teachers with a passion for their subject. In reality it is a bunch of crusty old men delivering monotone presentations in front of power point presentations. I imagine their only focus was what they were going to have for dinner. I also realised If I am going to be taught my subject by having to write 4000 words on Information Systems in supermarkets or building spare part databases for garages. Then well I ... actually words fail me at that point, needless to say I have no use for that sort of knowledge..

I am busy doing a sort of life audit and trying to jettison all time wasting and non essential activities. SO that I can maybe get on with some interesting and creative work.

Oh I also got mini residency! more to follow on that one, but it is a bit exciting

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