Thursday, June 01, 2006

Words fail and so do I (probably)

Quick catch up.

over the weekend including Monday I got almost zero sleep. Monday night I went to bed 2:30 got up at six and then sat a computer science exam at 9:30. Feeling very rough. Then went to work and tried to finish an SQL assignment that also had to be in for that day. I didn't get it finished, my argument was obviously flawed (even to me) but I handed in what I had done, about three quarters of the work required. I came home and went staight to bed feeling hot & wobbly. I stayed in bed for 24 hrs. It turns out I have tonsillitis! I'm sort of back on my feet now, feeling a bit googley eyed and trying to cram ready for an SQL exam tomorrow.

The way I see it I have to have done blindingly well on my computer science assignment and I will have to do amazingly well in my SQL exam to get a pass at either. Right now I am so exhausted that I no longer care very much.


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