Sunday, June 25, 2006

wana fight?

Its true,

I get stressed about birthdays. I'm not sure what it is. I think It might be the pressure to have a good time. I've never been any good with that. In the end I drank fizzy wine with my wife and laughed so hard my legs buckled.

It has been a dramatic week. The fight with the local authority about Isaac's education has stepped up a notch . I quit my job and left. I turned 33. The list goes on.

I made some space in my house, set up a little recording area, miked it up and started messing around. I then tweaked all my real-time privileges on my computer and got it all going super fast for audio (been meaning to do that for ages).

Its odd I have been feeling like I have all this music bottled up. I have been so busy learning, teaching, working and fighting that I forgot to make anything. Well tonight I started recording some tunes and they just sort of wrote themselves. Its a good feeling. I normally have everything connected by patch leads etc, there is never any air in the mix but I miked up a glockenspiel and wrote some pieces for gameboy and glockenspiel tonight.

So I am 33, so what. Bring it on.

During this post my ears have encountered (and enjoyed) the following tunes:-

Mike Milosh - push

sys-x - cruise control

Languis - a simple thought

posthuman - moment of weakness

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