Sunday, June 18, 2006


Did a 1 hour talk for an anarchist film festival

I talked about open source film editing. The talk covered Linux, Kino, cinelerra, DVD styler , emovix, and nomad systems such as dynebolic and also general open source philosophy. It was good. Although I came away thinking AAW and I should have said this and AAg Is should have said that, it was a proper jerkstore moment (seinfeld reference). I hope it was useful and made an impression on people though.

Oh and its fathers day. I was given a Marx brothers box set and some hankies with I heart my dad on them. I watched animal crackers with Isaac this afternoon. Well that was after I got home and realised I had no keys and was locked out (1 pint of Guinness and a read of the paper later people were home to let me in). Anyway back to animal crackers, Isaac loved it, he really got the humor. I'm looking forward watching duck soup with him.

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