Friday, June 23, 2006

must have GSOH

It was my last day working at Tyne and Wear Museums yesterday. I had a good send off and lots of nice presents.

I cant remember much about going for drinks and food after. A very VERY hot chilli sticks in my mind. I awoke this morning feeling rough with Tina Turner singing 'Simply the best' on the radio. It was then that I realised that God has a good sense of Humour.

So here I go into fully fledged self employment once again. Its a bit scary and a little bit exciting. I just wish I had not had quite so much beer last night. Ug.

I will write more about my plans later as they involve using OSS (zzzz) but right now I'm off to feel sorry for myself and take Ruby to play on the swings.

Oh, and I'm going to be 33 tomorrow (double wammy).

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