Saturday, June 10, 2006

Despicable people

Big brother,

there is not one decent person on it. I have been watching it tonight and jeez they are awful. Its like watching a pack of baboons pulling the windscreen wipers off your car.

I took Ruby to play in the swings this morning it was lush.

I have written a sequencer program (audio) in puredata. It is just about ready to release. But I am slightly nervous. It is my biggest endeavor in pd and there are bound to be loads of stupid mistakes in it. I was listening to the radio the other day and it was a program about people making things, someone said something like 'what the average person can build for a pound an engineer can build for a penny'. Well my sequencer is a classic example of inefficiency. But it sort of has a life of its own, which is nice.

Im feeling loads more relaxed now that I don't have exams etc. I had to take my library books back the other day. I had a fine, guess how much?.... £17 I know, I am ashamed.

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