Sunday, June 11, 2006

cheep_seq goes live

Ok I bit the bullet and put that sequencer I mentioned on my site. You can find it here

I posted a link to it at the pd mailing list asking for feedback if possible. Have not got a sausage back yet, but its a nice night, most people will be out at the pub (if they have any sense).

Its been a glorious weekend. Isaacs teacher for the Deaf organised a get together for all the Deaf kids and their parents that her and her colleagues work with. It was at the rising sun country park. The sun was shining, all the kids there were lush. It was good to chat with other parents (although I'm not really the chatty type).

Today I took the kids to dip their toes in the sea, nearly breaking my back trying to keep Isaac upright. Honestly I have a sixpack on my back from carrying him around, and he is getting bigger.

Oh I got a CD sent to me of our last gig, its not too shabby! The first few songs bug me because I messed up with the sub mixer and in the first few tunes one of my gameboys is only coming through on the left channel. But the second half of the set is GOOD. No doubt some of it will be available in some form soon to download. We are playing 3 January upstairs at the Cumberland arms, Newcastle. It will be a good one, I can just sense it.

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