Saturday, May 13, 2006

yeay I am a real nerd now

Ok tonight I have installed a streaming server on my xbox and I am using it like a jukebox on my home network. I find this very exciting. No doubt anyone reading this will either go 'coool' or 'get a life'. Hmm still cant get it to stream at high quality yet, mmm must be something simple I have missed.

Oh and I am slightly worried that I am too old to be a genius. Most geniuses do their best and defining work in their early twenties. So I suppose the phrase ' bollock's I'm not a genius' would be be quite fitting right now. But I do know that the speed of light is constant that travels at 186000 miles per second so I cant be that far off... can I?

today I have also been listening to pyjamarama by roxy music and some remark drum and base. nice

Tonight I ate a hot curry and drank some beer. No doubt I will regret both of these activities tomorrow

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[ft] k r s said...

you're a funny man, I don't know a thing about xboxstuff, but hey, it sounds cool, maybe i should get a life...or at least an xbox, and take it from there,mmm