Monday, May 29, 2006

Torine, its the bulls B****cks

2 cans of red bull later I now understand basic UML! Yeay

I have built a data dictionary for Oracle! Yeay

I am ready to build an ERD! Yeay

I have at least 5 days worth of database devlopment leaft to cram into half a day! Boo

ever gone for a long walk and when you get home your leggs go put put put, thats how my brain feels right now.

I really dont ever intend to take a career lurch into database development, I wish I could just dump the database module out of my life. It will be useful for building content management systems etc though so I'll stop me whinin. Just wish I didnt have to sit an exam in it.

[Note to self]

braeburns are getting a bit wooly, must scoff them all tomorrow

[note to self over]

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