Monday, May 15, 2006

Toddler trauma + Underclass revolt


Had some friends visit. That was nice. We went to the cafe at tynemouth beach for lunch. And Ruby my 20 month old daughter cried for the following reasons:

  • she has a cold so everything is traumatic
  • she wanted to go and play on the beach before we ate
  • she was told to wait so she cried even more
  • she was tired
But oh my god did she wail. We were one of those families with the screaming kids that ruins everyones middle England middle class frapuchinos. Can't wait to do it again now I come to look at it in that light. Who would have thought it, my kids are turning me into to a coffee shop class warrior.

anyway the trip to the beach was nice and seeing the sea is always a good thing + Isaac loved it. Unfortunately on returning home Ruby did not realise that her coffee shop pusch was over and had to sit on the naughty step a whole 5 times before bed.

After she went to bed I stayed up watching a Paul Newman (excellent actor but why the salad dressings?) film and reading about generalised joins and Cartesian Product in SQL. The following formula floated my boat R Gen [A >E And B<>D] S

Then I went to bed and dreamt the following:

' I was a spin doctor that had been given some important documents that were politicaly sensitive. I was due to hand them over to another member of the government at a kids Bach recital. But I accidentaly mixed them up with the score and words for the singers. You can imagine my embarrassment when they started to sing'

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