Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sunglasses and my big ears

Other things I have noticed about wearing sunglasses.

  • I don't know how to use my eyes when I have them on, behind that mirrored glass they are going all over the place
  • My wife reckons they make me look like one of the guards in cool hand Luke.
  • Some of the rougher 'Chaver ' element get a bit freaked. Its like if they cant see your eyes then they see you as a threat. Today I was getting out of the car (wearing my shades) and this lad walking past turns to me and says 'what the F*** are you looking at. Being the meek person I am I thought he was talking to someone else and walked past him. Then I looked around and there was no one else there..
Yesterday I was walking through town and I accidenly over heard a snipped of a conversation behind me. It went something like.

'..I totally sick of him me like, you know what he's been doing? He's been selling his wifes diarrhea medicine as drugs..'


I need to get a moment at the end of this week to write about my sons assessment week at Percy Headley School.

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