Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Natural joins

Feeling slightly rough today,

not sure if it is a result of the chilly I made last night, something to do with the colour of the tap water this morning (light brown) or maybe I have caught Ruby's cold.

Last night Ruby did not go to sleep until gone 9pm. Then at around 1 ish Isaac decided it was his turn to be awake. Being the lazy git I am I let Johanna sort him out (She woke up first!). He then woke up at 5am, apparently he wanted to go in his standing frame and play on the computer. Thats what I love about kids, total disregard for the rules. The rule in this case being you don't wake up in the middle of the night and demand entertainment. Hmm actually even I don't like that rule.

Isaac had a hearing test yesterday. I had to work and it was Johannas day to do the kids so she took him. Apparently he did really well in what is called the distraction test hearing lots of frequencies at around 30 dB. That is with his digital hearing aids on. With them off it was another story.

Starting to really cack myself about going freelance in under six weeks. The promises of work are coming in but as I know from experience most promises of work don't come good.

Oh and why oh why have they put a toy motorbike arcade machine in public view near my office at work? It is calling my name and asking me to play on it. But I know it would be bad form, aaaah.

A friend is having a eurovision song contest party on Saturday. I love eurovison, it is the classic really bad = good thing. But I am snowed under with course work. What a dilemma.

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