Friday, May 19, 2006

l-casei immunitas

What a full on day yesterday.

I went to work. That was my first mistake. That day started with a meeting about a project working with parents of children with ADHD to help make a series of short films with them (see earlier post about digital storytelling) I discovered that they actually want me to make 12 x 2 minute films. EEk. Anyway I think I managed to get my head around it but by this point my stress levels were at about 40%. Then I was asked to re author a DVD for the nth time as someone had missed a logo.. Only added 10% which on a normal day is nothing.

The afternoon consisted of. Making an inspiration pack for the ADHD parents ( 1 disposable camera, 1 dictaphone, 1 pencil (with rubber on end), 1 notepad and a sheet with loads of images that might help inspire them) because we only have 2 mins each to say a lot I have take loads of stuff from adverts etc to try and get them even a little bit aware of the language that advertising uses to sell you stuff in about 5 seconds. I also continued in my quest to recruit a Deaf photographer. I installed some photo mosaic software on a laptop and built up a database of images it could use. Finally just before I was about to leave to work the skate kids I tried to explain to someone I work with that you cant compress an MPEG format film in audacity (partly my fault that they tried to do that as during a phone converastion I thought they wanted to compress a wav file) tickled me anyway. By this point my stress levels are at %65.

Went to work with kids, that was fun anyway. They have hundreds of photos hence making some photo mosaics with them. And we designed their exhibition opening postcard (the font they chose is doomed never to get passed our dynamic *sic* marketing team). My stress levels may have even reduced if it had not been for a strange youth worker trying to tell me how to do my job (carping from the sidelines about how to do various technical things, getting it wrong each time). Mate you do not have a clue, not even a shred. But being the pro that I am I just smiled and said ' You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment' finished around 7:40 already very aware I was going to be late for a rehearsal that was booked for 8 in whitley bay. Stress levels 75%.

On the metro on the way home some chavers pulled the emergency stop lever and threw something at my head. (goodam their ways, the ways being you are not allowed to dress in head to toe shellsuits with the pants tucked into your socks, have a cap stapled to the top of your head and talk like a geordie Humphrey Bogart unless your parents are brother and sister). Stress levels rocket to 85%

I got home to pick up my kit and eat fast when I discovered Johanna in an equally stressed state having had an even worse day at work and freaking out about getting tax sorted for direct payments. This caused a stress clash, most unpleasant, raising my levels to 95%

I got the studio late with my eyes bulging and unable to speak.

The practice was excellent. And for some reason when I realised that a song Andy had written has content about l-casei immunitas my stress levels began to fall. We are ready to rock moderately hard on Sunday (at the voodoo rooms in sunderland).

I got home at about 10:30 with my ears ringing, my head feeling like a pillow stuffed into an egg cup. And went to bed

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