Saturday, May 06, 2006

ERL9 - time for a re-think


bed 12 ish (cant remember)

I have been starting to tire of the ERC (Early Riser Campaign). I dont seem to be able to get my arse up the stairs to bedfordshire at a reasonable hour, This means I feel like am about an hour or 2 short of sleep each night, leaving me 1 whole night short of sleep by the end of the week. Sometimes I can go for months on about 4 hours a night then suddenly I hit the bonk. So I am going to do a re-think. I am not giving up on it but I am going to get a bit more cunning. As of this day I will allow myself 8:30 starts at weekends to catch up a bit (kids allowing, which they never do). The main thing I am going to do is figure out why I dont get to bed. The main things that keeps me from making the sensible choice of an early night are:

-Bad TV (usually films I secretly like but would never admit to any high brow friends)

-Isaac needs medication at around 12 so one of use always has to stay up untill then.

-I actually get too tired to be bothered to get out of my seat and go up stairs

-I am nerding away on a computer trying to compile some software or build a sequencer (I will put a sequencer I have built online soon BTW) etc

So I need to think about this and figure out a solution.

Last night I stayed up way too late stuffing penguins into an old XBOX So I can put my music collection onto it and use it as a streaming audio server in my house. I can already see that it will take up way too much of my time.

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