Friday, May 05, 2006

ERL9 - step with I man


bed 12:30

Really tired this morning. Must get to bed early tonight. Ended up watching tv too tired to get up and got to bed last night.

Yesterday (all my troubles conspired to turn me grey)

really stressed about Databases and how I need to become an SQL expert in about 3 days. Ouch. I really think I am going to have to drop the SQL module at uni and pick it up later. Damn it. how fed up will I be knowing it is still hanging like an albatross around my neck. I will also be gutted to know I failed so soon into the year.

We did a bit of recording in Daves studio last night. It was a top session. I even did a bit of singing. Although we did end up fiddling with auto tuner for ages after to try and make it sound like I can sing. But as we left it even auto tuner hit the bonk on my voice.

So I will add singer and database expert to my list of careers I should potentialy avoid. I couldnt give a monkeys about the singing BUT damn it I do want to crack SQL, it is just so usefull to have it in my brain.

Got Isaac off to school in record time this morning and as I write this (yup its a charles in charge day again) Ruby is scoffing a banana (she really wants chocolate) and pretending to be a clock. SO I had better get on with the mornings activities. Tick tock tick tock tick ......

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