Thursday, May 04, 2006



bed 12

Yup a shameful 7:15, Got no reading done this morning, boo.

[note to self]

must take notes to self more seriously

[end of note to self]

Today I went to have a look at the new polytechnic office. But we couldn't get in. Either the security guard who was there to let us in was completely confused (he was new) or both the front and back doors were bolted from the inside (sounds impossible but stranger things have happened).

Then I dropped a recycled Linux box of with an artist. He has asked to borrow it to try and develop some Ideas he is working on using puredata. He has the box on condition he keeps a blog of his progress as an artist new to Linux.

I am currently eating noodles (I added a jalapeno pepper to them and they are too hot, making my nose run) and putting off burying my head in a book about SQL.

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