Wednesday, May 03, 2006



bed 11:20

Would have been earlier but I got sucked into watching the car chase at the start of martix 2.

It might be my age or a lack of ass kicking excitement in other areas of my life, but I seem to be developing a liking for action films! a couple of weeks ago I watched Blade 2 when it was on telly. Kung Fu ass kicking vampires rule.

Yesterday I made a pamphlet for a project using scribus (open source desktop publishing software). While the end results were OK I really did not like the look and feel of the software. However I hate all DTP software so I am not the best judge. Actually I even hate the term DTP...

Then I had lectures until 9pm and came home with my head feeling much heavier then it had in the morning. I think it was because someone spent 20 mins explaining Bertrand Russells 'principa mathematica'.

Today looks like it is going to be a glorious sunny day, So sunny in fact that I may actually eat my sandwiches outside at lunchtime. Hows that for raw power? Iggy would be proud.

[Note to self]

Get an earlier night tonight

[Note to self]

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