Tuesday, May 23, 2006



bed 11:50

Would have been earlier but Isaac needed stretching!

feeling ever stranger today. Been up writing a set script for a new sql database, oh what fun. Lots to catch up on but I want the time to do it justice. But a quick mention now in the ERL wouldn't hurt.

Sundays gig - we roxored the soxorz off sunderland. Actually starting to think I am wasting my time on everything else apart from the music. I never get such instant results from handing a paper in. It would actually be great to have a crowd of people cheer as I hand an essay in (it would have to be slow motion running towards the desk as if fighting some invisible force).

Anyway there was about 150 people there and they actually cheered as we announced the songs! How odd, Its almost like we have fans. I must remember to put some of them on the Fisherycommission gold list (which includes free copies of CD's (when its ready) and a discount on all merchandise, such as the Fish commish sandwich toaster, sing along with the radio microphone and our top item the fish commish lunchbox and flask combo). Them being the two nice people who came over and said hello before we played, we can do you at least %10 discount.

WOAH a man has just passed my window pushing a child in a buggy and shouting really loud at it, poor kid. Its a bit early for that sort of stupidity. Hmm I need toast (marmite on toast, mmm zingy)

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