Friday, May 12, 2006

ERL14 - conductive education


bed 11 - sleep 12:30 ish

Once I can get myself into solid early rising pattern (I am aiming for bed by 10 rise at 5) I am going to stop the Early Riser Log. No doubt it will be replaced by something equally inane.

My son has been having an evaluation week at Percy Headley school. In the absence of any online info about Percy Headley I will put a link here about conductive education for anyone who is interested. Isaac has loved going and has visibly benefited, we have been amazed by the skill and conviction of the staff. We live in North Tyneside and have been told that North Tyneside point blank refuse to fund childrens places at the school... So rather than get into a lot of detail here we are going to take time to think about what is best for Isaac. Then if we do decide he should go I will start a separate blog on the subject as I am sure there will be a lot to write. If we do decide it is in his best interests to go to a conductive education centre then we will no doubt have to take it to court.

It stinks.


your wife said...

p.s it's Hedley not Headley and they have a website.

dominic said...


Im an idiot. but not as much of an idiot as you. YOU MARRIED ME. MOOHAHAHA (text version of a sinister laugh)