Monday, April 24, 2006

marathons etc

Just watching a TV programme about people who decide to run marathons. It is something I have always fancied having a go at. Go knows where I will get the time to train. But I do get the feeling that the extra energy would be good.

I have been trying to become 'AN EARLY RISER' getting up at 6am every morning to fit a bit of extra reading in. I seem to be able to take in and retain information better at this time of day. However I am also not naturally a morning person and I usually wake up feeling like I have just been born most mornings. Anyhow it started well for about 2 weeks but the last few mornings I have hit the bonk. Perhaps I need a teas made. Remember them? can you still get them? what do you do about keeping the milk fresh, surely you can't just leave it in the cup overnight.

[don't read the following paragraph if you are not a nerd]

Note to self don't fear SQL (the link is for mysql, I'm learning oracle but fully intend to go over to open source at the first opportunity)databases are our friends (I seem to remember someone I trust saying that anyway) I'm doing an Oracle module at Uni at the moment and today I finally had that 'penny drops' moment I had been looking for, I had been finding it really hard to understand. Usually I need to find a way of linking something I am learning with something I already know. When I used to do a lot of live music sets using lsdj on my gameboys i used to memorise huge rows of hexadecimal data by attaching each pattern to a journey i regularly take, i.e. roads and roundabouts, metro routes train journeys, walks and landmarks etc. Anyway I have finally managed to get SQL to stick in my brain by linking it with DUB REGGAE in my head, strange but it works. SO say a relation (table) is black ark studios, lee perry is the primary key etc etc.

[non nerds can start reading again]

actually not much more to say. I took the kids to the beach this morning, it was lush, they loved it.

Well my tea is ready better stop the current stream of nothingness.

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