Saturday, April 22, 2006

the fast few days

Thursday nights recording session was a good one. We recorded fear not the fax. Dave who's studio we used was a star as always. We go the game boys (more about that in later entrys) synced up to the midi clock and and got a good live recording (more energy that way). Then Andy went into the vocal booth and flawlessly sang the first vocal track, first time. I can't wait to get the next track recorded.

On Friday I took my kids swimming at Concordia in Cramlington. My son has cerebral palsy so we needed to use the disabled changing room. It was disgusting, there was a toilet in it which I am sure is probably against the law for reasons of hygiene (people pissing on the floor where people are getting changed). Also the lock on the door was bust. Shame on you. I wont be letting that one slide... Anyhow the swimming part was fun.

Today the I dropped the family unit off at toy library and went to pick up some remaining computers up that we ( had left after Matt Gray's supercollider workshop that we organised as part of the recent AV festival.

My remaining plans for the day are to eat some chocolate, try and wake up a bit (I will write about my early riser project later) read a bit about logic gates and then I AM GOING FOR A PINT. Looking forward to it, it is a very rare occurrence these days, I am meeting up with some good old friends that I don't see enough of.

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