Thursday, April 20, 2006

beta post

I am feeling quite drowsy today. I was awake for too long yesterday.

So yesterday I went to work and finished authoring a DVD for a project that is being exhibited where I currently work (The Discovery Museum, Newcastle)
I came home and fed the kids, Isaac wanted cake instead of the pasta my wife had made him. Ruby ate her grub; she has never turned food down yet. Post tea time I spent about 20 mins pretending to be a gymnast by jumping around on the sofa (while my wife was out of the room) and twirling my scarf above my head. Then we read stories and the wee people went to bed.

Then I set about ripping the horrible iDVD menu off the DVD I made earlier by using dvdauthor in Linux (I don’t have a good Linux box at work) and making an ISO of the disk. At the same time I worked on some music as I am due to go into a recording studio tonight to record another song for my wee bands demo. Have a look at it's quite amazing but there is a studio in Whitley Bay, not many people know that. It is very convenient.

I was also working on an assignment for Uni (using alternatives to Microsoft for distributed computing Zzzz). I'm on the first year of an MSc in computing. I have a degree in fine art and I am a practicing artist. I came to a point where I had to make a choice about what I wanted to learn next. I figured that critically I could continue on the path I have chosen as an artist but technically I am becoming more and more reliant upon network technology. So I figured that I need to become a master of science before I can come close to being a master of my own art.

Finally I worked on a some letters that I have to send out for an organisation I have set up. Have a look at I will be writing a lot more about this in future blogs

Anyway that was my night, I also discovered that orangina (spell check wants me to correct this to ‘or angina’ which I quite like)and white rum tastes nicer than you would expect. So there is my first blog entry, hope its not too dull. It is really not intended for anyone other than myself, friends and family but if you want to read it then feel free!

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