Saturday, April 29, 2006



bed 11:20

Forgot to switch the alarm on!

Had a dream that i was in a race but I couldn't get started because my number kept falling off

Friday, April 28, 2006

inna babyon

Livin in a babylon

Cheers berny. Today I was giving Ruby some grapes and contemplating taking her into town so I could buy a naff shirt in one of whitley bays many charity shops. I was still feeling a bit sleepy and confused about today when I spotted the postman walking towards my front door. When I was a kid this was always good news as it always meant that I had potentially had an article accepted for submission in the beano, or dandy. These days it is usually bills and tax demands. ANYWAY today he brought me 2 cd's that were sent to me by a good pal Bernard. They are King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown and super ape what a star. I will come good on my promises in return berny.

Since today is a charles in charge day I will be adding to this post as the day progresses

Ok the latest. The phone has been ringing off the hook today with various healthcare professionals and work related stuff so I decided to take the kids for a walk to the beach. We got there and the second I let Ruby out out the buggy she ran into the sea and got soaked Isaac thought it was very funny and I have to admit I did as well, Ruby on the other hand didn't. We had to come straight home.



bed 1:10 - stupid watching sleepers then the sopranos.

worked with a group of 'skaters' last night. These are a group of teenagers in who have come together through their youthclub. From a museum perspective it is really interesting to make a record of their 'culture' for future reference. I am helping them make a film.

Zzz too tired to type this morning. I have to get Isaac ready for school, this is not the standard routine, he wears a second skin suit that helps him sit etc, it is a nightmare to get him into it.

Must steam my eyes open a bit more and get cracking

Thursday, April 27, 2006



bed 11:40

Hmm could there actually be a link between the time you go to bed and the time you wake up... The phone rang at 1:10 am, it was a withheld number. I hope everything is OK in the world today. I hate missing phone calls and I always worry that something bad has happened when it rings in the middle of the night.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am making a jukebox at work for an exhibition about '50 years of punk' I needed to make some cheesy jukebox style artwork for it. So I figured I would have a look at inkscape and see if it is actually anygood. I was suprised to find that it actually is quite good. I made the picture above. It's cheesy and vectory but not bad for 30 mins.

E R L - 2


bed 12

Isaac awake 4 times through night. Had to hold my cup of tea under my nose to try and steam my eyes open this morning.

Today we will be experiencing the standard routine of:

metro, work, lunch, work, metro, kids in bed, eat tea, read, go to bed. There will be some slight alterations in the form of a meeting to discuss premises straight after work, but barring that today promises to be mild.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The venerable me

Today I had a meeting with some people from the sensory support team at a high school in Newcastle. We are putting together a photography project for Deaf young people at the museum...

[warning, long winded and emotional explanation below, please skip if you are one of my more cynical friends]

Perhaps I need to elaborate a little bit to make this make sense. I am currently working as an outreach worker for the museum service. Part of my job is to help groups of people gain access to museums and galleries. I usually do this by devising projects that will engage people and improve their lives by exploring who they are, where they are and why they are here, using all the resources at hand ( which happens to be about 11 museums and galleries folks). Because my background is in the arts, projects usually take on a creative slant with film making, photography, multimedia stuff etc etc. I have always had respect for the amount of time people put into their projects (I just help them get started really), it is an amazingly humbling experience to make a breakthrough with a group. For example in the past I have done a lot of work with a groups of young people as part of youth offending teams, at times it is exhausting and frustrating then you realise that you have managed to find common ground and actually feel like you are gaining their respect by not being loud and in their faces but by listening to what they want to do and helping them to do it (I only get loud after a few shandy's and that is generally an enthusiastic sort of loudness) . Then it feels worthwhile. Anyway the thing is, I have handed my notice in at work. I was reaching breaking point. Not with the job but I am getting pretty exhausted trying to fit my sons care into the day along with work,, better paid freelance work when it comes along, MSc, and various other things. But mostly I quit so I can be more flexible with my time to look after Isaac. I also hate to do a half arsed job of anything, I could have probably tried to keep it all together and coast a bit at work but that is just not me, I could feel this was beginning to happen and that helped me make the decision. Finally to round things back to the point and a bit away from this slightly over public expression, There is one final project that I want to complete and that is the fore mentioned photography project. I have a personal investment in this. Isaac is also Deaf and I want to contribute in some way to making the service better for Deaf and Disabled people before I go. There are other top people who work there who want the same thing, but it is going to be a good way of clearing my desk so to speak.

[its OK, its over..]

I have to say I was so impressed by the people I met in the school today, they were so enthusiastic, positive and helpful, a real credit. I left feeling like I can pull one more great big rabbit out of my top hat before I go.

What else did I do today, hmm. I bought a bag of MSG, that's right MSG for that authentic takeaway taste. I cooked a Chinese takeaway style curry, added 1/4 of a teaspoon of glorious MSG and BINGO it was like I had lost a tenner and accidentally eaten my granny's laxative chocolate (again). I am sure the headache and dizziness will pass. Oh I also did not realise that I have no lectures tonight, so as you can imagine I looked quite the fool standing outside an empty room, on my own for at least 15 minutes (how long would you have waited?) Right now I should be doing lots of other things rather than writing this, but boo sucks to that.

Good night. I think I need to hit the venerable bede (go to bed) if I am going to maintain the early riser campaign

early riser log

6:30 am

but spent most of the morning trying to find out how to get the 308 bus from whitley bay to heaton, gaaa. (it leaves from park avenue every 15 mins BTW)

Monday, April 24, 2006

marathons etc

Just watching a TV programme about people who decide to run marathons. It is something I have always fancied having a go at. Go knows where I will get the time to train. But I do get the feeling that the extra energy would be good.

I have been trying to become 'AN EARLY RISER' getting up at 6am every morning to fit a bit of extra reading in. I seem to be able to take in and retain information better at this time of day. However I am also not naturally a morning person and I usually wake up feeling like I have just been born most mornings. Anyhow it started well for about 2 weeks but the last few mornings I have hit the bonk. Perhaps I need a teas made. Remember them? can you still get them? what do you do about keeping the milk fresh, surely you can't just leave it in the cup overnight.

[don't read the following paragraph if you are not a nerd]

Note to self don't fear SQL (the link is for mysql, I'm learning oracle but fully intend to go over to open source at the first opportunity)databases are our friends (I seem to remember someone I trust saying that anyway) I'm doing an Oracle module at Uni at the moment and today I finally had that 'penny drops' moment I had been looking for, I had been finding it really hard to understand. Usually I need to find a way of linking something I am learning with something I already know. When I used to do a lot of live music sets using lsdj on my gameboys i used to memorise huge rows of hexadecimal data by attaching each pattern to a journey i regularly take, i.e. roads and roundabouts, metro routes train journeys, walks and landmarks etc. Anyway I have finally managed to get SQL to stick in my brain by linking it with DUB REGGAE in my head, strange but it works. SO say a relation (table) is black ark studios, lee perry is the primary key etc etc.

[non nerds can start reading again]

actually not much more to say. I took the kids to the beach this morning, it was lush, they loved it.

Well my tea is ready better stop the current stream of nothingness.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hung up and hanging out to dry

Hungover, confused and emotional today.

Today I really think that I dont like:

Pubs; more than one conversation at a time; tribute bands (just thought I would throw that one in, but they are lame aren't they); feeling like I am having less and less patience with everthing ever.

Spleen vented, I think I'll put the kettle on.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

the fast few days

Thursday nights recording session was a good one. We recorded fear not the fax. Dave who's studio we used was a star as always. We go the game boys (more about that in later entrys) synced up to the midi clock and and got a good live recording (more energy that way). Then Andy went into the vocal booth and flawlessly sang the first vocal track, first time. I can't wait to get the next track recorded.

On Friday I took my kids swimming at Concordia in Cramlington. My son has cerebral palsy so we needed to use the disabled changing room. It was disgusting, there was a toilet in it which I am sure is probably against the law for reasons of hygiene (people pissing on the floor where people are getting changed). Also the lock on the door was bust. Shame on you. I wont be letting that one slide... Anyhow the swimming part was fun.

Today the I dropped the family unit off at toy library and went to pick up some remaining computers up that we ( had left after Matt Gray's supercollider workshop that we organised as part of the recent AV festival.

My remaining plans for the day are to eat some chocolate, try and wake up a bit (I will write about my early riser project later) read a bit about logic gates and then I AM GOING FOR A PINT. Looking forward to it, it is a very rare occurrence these days, I am meeting up with some good old friends that I don't see enough of.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

beta post

I am feeling quite drowsy today. I was awake for too long yesterday.

So yesterday I went to work and finished authoring a DVD for a project that is being exhibited where I currently work (The Discovery Museum, Newcastle)
I came home and fed the kids, Isaac wanted cake instead of the pasta my wife had made him. Ruby ate her grub; she has never turned food down yet. Post tea time I spent about 20 mins pretending to be a gymnast by jumping around on the sofa (while my wife was out of the room) and twirling my scarf above my head. Then we read stories and the wee people went to bed.

Then I set about ripping the horrible iDVD menu off the DVD I made earlier by using dvdauthor in Linux (I don’t have a good Linux box at work) and making an ISO of the disk. At the same time I worked on some music as I am due to go into a recording studio tonight to record another song for my wee bands demo. Have a look at it's quite amazing but there is a studio in Whitley Bay, not many people know that. It is very convenient.

I was also working on an assignment for Uni (using alternatives to Microsoft for distributed computing Zzzz). I'm on the first year of an MSc in computing. I have a degree in fine art and I am a practicing artist. I came to a point where I had to make a choice about what I wanted to learn next. I figured that critically I could continue on the path I have chosen as an artist but technically I am becoming more and more reliant upon network technology. So I figured that I need to become a master of science before I can come close to being a master of my own art.

Finally I worked on a some letters that I have to send out for an organisation I have set up. Have a look at I will be writing a lot more about this in future blogs

Anyway that was my night, I also discovered that orangina (spell check wants me to correct this to ‘or angina’ which I quite like)and white rum tastes nicer than you would expect. So there is my first blog entry, hope its not too dull. It is really not intended for anyone other than myself, friends and family but if you want to read it then feel free!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Absent control

this is alpha post